Free Treats for Your Ducks!

Do you have ducks and looking for a fun way to treat them? 

If you’re looking to add a splash of excitement to your ducks’ diet, we’ve got just the feather-friendly adventure for you.

Imagine a treat that not only delights your quacky companions but also comes at no cost – that’s right, free treats for your ducks!

Our secret?

A creek-side minnow-catching extravaganza.

Yes, You read that correctly.  Minnows! 

Why Minnows? Ducks, Diets, and Delight:

 Ducks are omnivores, and while you should feed your ducks a good feed, they also need proteins. In the wild, ducks near ponds, streams, or creeks catch their own minnows. It’s a natural part of their diet, providing essential nutrients and a delightful foraging experience.

Duck treats are not just about indulgence; they play a crucial role in the overall health and well-being of our feathered friends. Among the various treats, minnows stand out as a powerhouse of nutrition for ducks, contributing to everything from muscle growth to heart health.

1. Protein-Packed Muscle Maintenance:

Protein is the backbone of a duck’s health, supporting the development of hormones, enzymes, and, significantly, muscles. As ducks are quite active, maintaining healthy muscle mass is vital. Minnows, rich in protein, become a key ingredient in the duck’s diet, ensuring they have the strength and energy needed for their daily activities.

2. Feather Regeneration During Molting:

Feathers, comprising a significant amount of keratin, a structural protein, require special attention during molting. This is where minnows play a crucial role. With 85-90 percent keratin content, minnows aid ducks in regenerating feathers, ensuring they maintain a sleek and healthy plumage.

3. Calcium Boost for Bones and Eggshells:

High in vitamin D, minnows facilitate the absorption of calcium, a mineral essential for strong bones. The same calcium contributes to the formation of sturdy eggshells. Ducks that lack sufficient calcium might lay eggs with soft shells or, in severe cases, shell-less eggs. This can lead to complications like egg-binding, where an egg struggles to pass through a duck’s ovum.

4. Omega-3 for Heart Health:

Minnows bring a bonus to the table with their omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, contributing to overall heart health in ducks. While heart disease is less common in ducks than in chickens, maintaining a natural, balanced diet, including treats like minnows, can help in preventing potential heart issues, especially in backyard ducks.

Creek-side Catching:

Curious about the process?

Check out our Video where my son and I venture to a local creek. Armed with a net called a “seine” (a net with wooden sticks or poles on either side), we dip into knee-to-waist-deep areas to catch lively minnows.

Once we’ve gather our minnow bounty, it is pool party time! We offer some of the freshly caught minnows to our ducks in their pool, and the ensuing aquatic revelry is nothing short of a quack-tastic spectacle. Ducks swimming and gleefully chasing live minnows is a treat for both them and us!

Preserving the Bounty:

But what if you want to save some minnows for later? No worries! After a quick wash, we slide them into freezer ziplock bags and freeze them.  I like to lay them flat and they stack nicely in our small deepfreezer.  This simple process ensures a reserve of treats, perfect for those colder months when the minnows can also contribute to keeping your ducks warm.

What if You Can’t Catch Minnows?

If you’re intrigued by the idea but can’t catch minnows yourself, fear not! There are various types of freeze dried options available for purchase.
WAIT, can your ducks have Freeze-dried minnows?

Certainly! Ducks, similar to dogs and cats, love the taste of freeze-dried minnows. Additionally, most freeze-dried minnow products are hormone and antibiotic-free, containing no extra fillers or flavorings.  These treats are more than just delicious; they’re a nutritional powerhouse that your ducks will enjoy. Packed with high protein and essential minerals, they offer substantial health benefits for your feathered companions.

There are so many different Brands of freeze-dried minnows out there and of course, they are marketed towards dogs and cats BUT you can definitely feed them to your ducks.  

A Note of Caution:

While treats are fun, moderation is key. Too many minnows can lead to fishy-tasting duck eggs. Feed sparingly to keep both your ducks and their eggs happy and healthy.



Incorporating minnows into your ducks’ diet is not only a cost-effective and fun venture but also a nutritious addition. So, grab a net, head to the creek, and treat your ducks to the joy of catching their own snacks! 🦆🎣

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